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Additional car insurance coverages

Additional coverage can protect your investment when buying a new or used vehicle.

Change to Loss Payment Endorsement

This endorsement protects your new vehicle for the period specified in your contract. In the event of theft or total loss, the vehicle will be replaced if non-repairable by a new one with the same features. If the vehicle can be repaired without a problem, this coverage allows you to replace the non-repairable parts with genuine new parts.

Replacement insurance coverage

The replacement guarantee sold by dealers was replaced by replacement insurance. Endorsement 43 – Change to loss payment remains in force. If you’re thinking of getting replacement cost coverage for your vehicle, there are two products you can choose from.

As this is an insurance product, the insurance broker is a certified and qualified expert to advise you on insurance coverage for your vehicle.

Loss of Use Extension Endorsement

If you are involved in an accident and you are deprived of your vehicle, your auto policy may cover your car rental, taxi or public transportation expenses until you take possession of your vehicle.

Civil Liability For Damage To Non-Owned Automobiles Endorsement INCLUDING automobiles provided by and employer

If you use a rented or borrowed vehicle, whether it be a car, motor home or trailer, your civil liability may be engaged and your auto insurer can cover you for damages you cause to this vehicle.

Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits (FAQ 34) provides coverage for death, mutilation and medical expenses to you, your spouse and any dependent children for bodily injuries sustained following an automobile accident, at minimal cost to the owner of the vehicle.

Other useful coverages

Several other optional kinds of coverage are available. Whether you are travelling or putting your vehicle in storage, feel free to contact us and we will make sure your auto insurance policy is suited to your needs.

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