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Endorsement FAQ No 32

With motorcycle insurance, your insurer may add endorsement FAQ No 32. This endorsement confirms that the vehicle will only be used for recreational purposes.

For some motorcycle models such as Harley Davidson, the insurer can add endorsement FAQ No 19 which limits the amount payable in chapter B.

All motorcycle insurance policies include limitations and exclusions; that’s why it is important to read your contract carefully.

Take note that your insurance policy is valid everywhere in the territory of Canada and the United States. If you drive in Mexico or in any other country, you will not be covered by the FPQ no1 policy. There are insurance solutions available for those who wish to drive outside Canada or the United States. Please contact us if you need help finding coverage.

Certain restrictions may apply. For example, some insurers will refuse to cover some motorcycle models. Contact us and we can find the right insurance solution for you through our specialized insurers.

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