Pool and/or spa insurance

Have you decided to install a swimming pool or a spa to take advantage of the beautiful summer days? Please note that your insurance policy does not automatically cover these products; you must have additional protection added. It is important to notify your broker of this addition to the property so that the appropriate amendment can be made to the home insurance contract. Then you’ll be protected from any uncontrollable situations that may arise. Even in the case of an in-ground pool, some insurers require that it be specifically mentioned in the contract.

What does the swimming pool and spa endorsement cover?

Normally, this insurance covers the equipment itself as well as accessories and patios that are not attached to the house. The majority of claims covered by the endorsement relate to freezing and thawing. But the coverage offered from one insurer to another varies, for example for damage caused by the impact of an object. Make sure you talk with your broker at J. Gérard Fortin et Associés to learn more.

Do you use your spa in the winter?

Do you want to use your spa even in winter? Protect yourself against winter problems. Find out about the additional protection offered. Contact your broker at J. Gérard Fortin et Associés to be sure.

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