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This morning, everything's been going even faster than usual. A customer asks you to bump up his delivery, but your top employee has just announced that he's leaving you for a job with a full pension plan. And that's not all. You know that you need to put some aspects of your management in order: managing your cash flow better, optimizing your investments and your returns, reducing your tax bill, protecting your key people and your business against certain risks, ensuring business continuity, etc.

A few minutes ago, a visitor walked into your office. He is now taking notes and drawing up solutions. He can't manage your business for you, but for everything else, he can offer you a concrete plan and support you in carrying it out.

Trust us to provide you with the right solutions for your needs and everything will get easier. We're minding your business, and that's a good thing.


We're able to offer you solutions by developing a comprehensive plan that incorporates different investment and insurance solutions.


Our recommendations are objective. From among thousands of financial products, we will select those that best meet your needs.


We know the business world because we ourselves are in business. We understand your reality.


We constantly update our knowledge and stay abreast of economic news in order to offer you advice adapted to market developments.


The interests of your employees are our priority. Our mandate is to guide you towards optimal, personalized solutions for each member of your organization. Thanks to our expertise and our comprehensive service offering, you and your employees are sure to be well protected throughout your life.


You work hard to grow your business. Fortunately, you're not the only one. Our work allows us to pull different levers at all stages of your business development to support your company, grow your assets and protect them.

A group savings plan is one of the best ways to save for retirement. Registered plans, such as group RRSPs and pension plans, allow you to make regular contributions over a long period of time and thus take advantage of the dollar cost averaging method. In addition to the tax benefits provided by a personal RRSP, a group retirement savings plan offers the following advantages:

  • Immediate tax benefits, thanks to payroll deductions
  • Employer contributions in addition to your personal contributions
  • Professional investment management
  • Interest rates and management fees are based on the purchasing power of your group plan


We have access to complementary professional expertise to guide you and offer you a one-stop shop for all the resource people you need. Group plans can also offer protection against creditors. The assets you hold in the group plan may be protected against any legal action brought by a creditor in order to recover amounts you owe them. Business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals or others concerned about their liability will be happy to benefit from the creditor protection offered under a group plan.

Businesses with five or more employees who are 18 years of age or over and have at least one year of continuous service will be required to offer an RRSP and automatically enroll their employees in it.


Generate cash flow if you or an associate becomes unable to work.


Reinvest your profits or distribute them in wages and dividends. Reduce your taxes. Optimize your returns.


Plan what you'll do after the transfer of your business and set up a succession plan.

In order to offer competitive advantages and ensure the well-being of your employees, we suggest you approach the TFSA differently. Most organizations offer their employees a wide range of benefits including life, disability and critical illness insurance coverage. These plans are advantageous in appearance but can give rise to constraints, such as the increase in the cost of the premium after a claim, expensive additional coverage, and generic protection that is not adapted to each individual reality.

Employees want group insurance for paramedical costs (health care), eyeglasses and dental care. In fact, this protection should come from the employee's personal budget and not group insurance, which reacts to claims and costs more year after year. Group insurance does not offer its members as much flexibility as a health TFSA.


We are committed to offering you personalized follow-up at least once a year or whenever you want.

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