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Simplify your claim!

Tenants and co-owners, simplify your claim by joining the online inventory of your belongings, from your computer, your tablet or your phone. It is a quick and effective way of listing your assets and knowing their true value. If you wonder what are the benefits of having an inventory of your assets in hand, here they are

  • It Allows you to be proactive and be ready for any contingency (accident, theft, etc.); 
  • Simplifies your claim;
  • Allows you to properly assess and protect your assets;
  • Helps you determine your real home insurance coverage requirements. You can then contact your broker if adjustments are required.

Join now and get 1 year of free service. Contact your broker at J. Gérard Fortin & Associés to learn how to take advantage of this offer.

More details on the online inventory of belongings here https://in-dex.ca/

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