Insurance for your pleasure boat

So you’ve purchased your dream boat and are raring to set sail… Have you checked your insurance coverage? You might be able to insure your boat through your home insurer — but is this really your best choice? If you own a boat of a certain value, type or length, you are strongly recommended (and indeed, often required) to deal with a specialized insurer.

Our range of products covers most types of watercraft: fishing boats, houseboats, jet boats, performance and racing boats, personal watercraft, pontoon boats, sailboats, runabouts, waterski boats, yachts and more. We have access to the best specialist insurers in Québec. Because of this, we can provide you with coverage perfectly matched to your needs, at a very competitive price.

Pleasure Boat Insurance Claim
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Home insurance for your boat?

You can have your boat covered your home insurance. However, if your boat exceeds a certain value, you are strongly recommended to verify your coverage and do business with a specialized insurer. J Gérard Fortin helps you identify your needs and find the insurance you need.