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Luxury car insurance

If you own one or more classic or luxury vehicles, you need specialized coverage. Thanks to our vast network of insurers, we can meet your needs. For example, did you know you can freeze the value of your vehicle for the year? This lets you know in advance the amount of compensation that will be paid in the event of total loss or theft. We can also offer higher loss-of-use amounts that better reflect your standard of living. We strongly recommend using the same insurer for your auto and home insurance: it’s a smart strategy that makes settlement in the event of loss much easier.

And if you own an antique or modified vehicle, we also have the right insurance solution for you, too! A recent professional vehicle appraisal will let us add a rider specifying the value of your vehicle. Compensation in the event of loss will be based on this information. If you don’t have a recent appraisal, we can refer you to a recognized appraiser.

We can also offer customized coverage for modified or Hot Rod-type vehicles through our network of specialist insurers.

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