Luxury house insurance

Insuring luxury homes is a field in itself. This is the domain of specialized insurers, whose products are designed both to protect prestige residences and ensure their owners adequate coverage for their lifestyle.

Detailed inspection and residential evaluation at the expense of the insurer

It is important that your residence benefits from the skills of a professional appraiser recommended by the insurer. The appraiser will note the particularities of the house and calculate what it would cost to rebuild it. In addition to this, you will get useful advices on methods to prevent fires and burglaries. (This benefit is provided with some our insurers)

Guaranteed replacement cost clause

For example, if you decide to rebuild your home following a fire that completely destroyed it and that the amount of coverage for your building is inadequate, under certain conditions, the insurer may exceed the amount of coverage agreed on your policy.

No obligation to replace dwelling and Personal Property

Following a total or partial loss , you do not want to replace or rebuild your home and/or your goods? A cash settlement could be possible. You are also free to rebuild somewhere else or accept an equivalent amount. (This benefit is available with some of our insurers)

Large capacity to cover all your high value Properties

Our specialized insurers have developed specific coverages to protect all types of luxury items such as of painting collections, sketches, sculptures, stamps and coins as well as antique furniture, decorative art, wine cellars, rare books and articles or modern art collections.

Higher Limits in Legal Liability coverage

If your 2 millions Legal Liability limit seems a little low, we can offer you a complementary third-party liability policy that will provide coverage in excess of the 2 millions limit. (subject to the limit of this second contract)

VIP claims processing

If you're buying insurance policy for luxury residential property with us, it means that you expect high quality service. That is what you get with us:

  • If you have a claim or request assistance, your case is always treated as a priority. At any time of day or night, you can get assistance from your insurer wherever you are on the planet.
  • In certain claims circumstances, some of our insurers can even advance funds even before the claim is fully closed.

Everything is based on making your life easier!

Incredible coverages for your secondary homes

The weekend has arrived and you are leaving for your secondary home? Why not protect this second home with the same type of policy than your main location?

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