Motorcycle insurance

You must be insured to drive a motorcycle. Your insurance contract must also specify the names of all other persons liable to drive the vehicle.

In Québec, motorcycle insurance is a standard contract identical to the auto insurance policy. The same contract is used for each motorcycle owner; the only difference lies in your choice of coverage. However, the premiums can vary greatly between one insurer and the next. Some firms also specialize in motorcycle insurance. J Gérard Fortin’s specialized agents will help you identify the coverage you need, and at the best possible price.

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Scooters: insurance required?

In Québec, you’re not required to take out civil liability insurance if your scooter is less than 50 cc. However, this means you’ll have no coverage in the event of accident or theft. For this reason, you’re best off buying an insurance policy, even if it only covers liability. This ensures your protection if you should ever cause unintended damage to others.