Occasional Young Drivers

Your kids are getting their driver’s license? You want to add them as occasional young drivers to your car insurance? Contact your broker at J. Gérard Fortin as soon as they get their learner's permits and begin driving your car when supervised. It is important, because in the case of an accident, the insurer could impose certain conditions at the time of compensation.

Adding drivers will impact your premium amount which will be adjusted based on different factors including your kids age and gender. Later, when they get their probationary license and drive alone, you must notify your broker at J. Gérard Fortin. Don’t forget to mention how often your youngsters will be driving your car.

Contact your broker at J. Gérard Fortin for additional details.

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All of the factors below can influence your auto insurance premium. Talk to one of our agents about how you can reduce your costs.
1. Vehicle type
2. Vehicle use (personal, business or a mixture of both)
3. Where you live (neighbourhood, city) as well as where you drive
4. Driver profile (age, gender, driving experience, etc.)
5. Coverage selected
6. Your credit rating