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Your credit rating can influence the cost of your premium, which is generally based on the risk of submitting a claim. Studies show that low credit scores raise the likelihood of incurring losses and making claims. The reverse is also true. Your financial discipline reflects your ability to maintain your property.

Your credit history reflects your payment record as well as your financial discipline. Have you always paid your bills on time? Such information is a reliable indicator of your ability to maintain and repair your property. These two factors are crucial to preventing material losses and, consequently, claims submissions.

Does low income automatically mean a bad credit rating? Not at all. Indeed, the two should never be confused. A person with a lower income may have an exemplary credit rating, just as a wealthier person may have a bad credit rating. Call us or fill out this form to request a free brochure all about your credit and insurance.

Below are other factors that could affect the cost of your premium:

  • Coverage and deductibles selected
  • The mark, year and model of your car
  • Where you live
  • Vehicle use, routes taken and annual mileage
  • Number/ages of other drivers who use your vehicle
  • Previous claims and traffic violations
  • Driver experience (all drivers of your vehicle)
  • Your occupation
  • Prior criminal records

Want to reduce your premium? Here are some tips:

  • If you own more than one vehicle, insure them with the same insurer
  • Use the same firm for both your auto and home insurance
  • Sign up for a two-year contract, if possible
  • Drop certain coverages if you drive an older car
  • Increases your deductibles
  • Maintain a good driving record
  • Install an approved anti-theft device in your car
  • Buy an economy or hybrid car
  • Have new drivers undergo driver's training
  • Maintain a good credit rating
  • Let us analyze your needs. Take a few moments and fill in our online quote form.
  • Questions? Contact a broker at 514 729 6001 or write to us.