The Joint Report

About the Direct Compensation Agreement (DCA)

The Direct Compensation Agreement (DCA) is an agreement binding all auto insurers who use it and abide by its principles. Under the agreement, each policyholder is indemnified directly by their insurer, while the liability of each driver involved is determined using the Driver’s Fault Chart in the agreement. This simplifies and speeds up the claims process.

The DCA applies whenever a collision between two or more vehicles occurs in Québec and when all vehicle owners can be identified, even if a vehicle from outside the province is involved.

The DCA does not apply, for example, when a collision occurs in the United States, in the event of a hit-and-run or when the vehicle has hit on object (e.g. a tree or post).

The DCA illustrates just about every possible accident scenario and determines each driver’s responsibility. You can download a PDF of the agreement here or consult it online

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