The VICTOR Construction Insurance Program

Since 1972, VICTOR has acted as an underwriting manager for the placement of insurance for major construction projects throughout Canada. Insurance is available in the form of:

Builders Risk Insurance
Equipment Breakdown Insurance for Builders Risk
Wood Frame Builders Risk Insurance
Wrap-Up Liability Insurance
Contractors Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance
Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance
TankGuard – Storage Tank Third-Party Liability and Cleanup Insurance
Coverage is available for many types of projects, including those of a more complex nature requiring specialized underwriting. These programs address the most significant insurance concerns associated with most projects and provide the added advantage of having one insurer and claims management facility to address claims.

The Construction Insurance Program also provides coverage for Commercial General Liability Insurance for major general contractors and subtrades performing specialized operations.

During the past three decades, VICTOR has underwritten insurance for many of Canada's major projects in the following fields:

Public use buildings including stadiums
Civil transportation risks, including bridges, tunnels, subways
Public utility projects including related dams
Residential (excluding frame construction) and commercial developments
Claims Handling Philosophy
Early intervention promotes the mitigation of claims. It also allows us to work with you to reduce the frequency of losses and to reduce the severity of losses that do occur.
Early intervention and prompt assessment of a loss helps us to mutually agree on a course of action which puts the project back on track as quickly as possible.
Early resolution promotes preservation of your business relationship with your clients and colleagues.

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